Smart RGB corner lamp

The corner lamp has a modern minimalist design and is designed to give your favorite place in your home or office a facelift with beautiful colors. 

Lighting for every occasion

Having a moment for your self, a party with your friends or are you reading a book? With the Xsarius corner lamp you can chose 16 million colors to create the ideal atmosphere.


  • RGB Color LED Technology
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • A huge range of color patterns and variable modes
  • Built-in microphones
  • Works with 2.4G WiFi

Multifunctional Control Box

The Xsarius corner lamp is equipped with a multi-functional control box with 3 buttons and infrared sensor to easily turn your lamp on and off, change color and switch to dynamic mode.

Control via the Free APP

With the free Smart Life app or Tuya Smart App,  you can easily choose from 36 pre-programmed programs, adjust the brightness, set a timer and much more with the Free APP for iOS and Android.  Connect the App with Google Home or Alexa and control the corner lamp with your voice; Hey Google, activate Music Sync!

Remote control

With the remote you have the option to wirelessly select multiple color configurations, brightness levels and effects.

  • Put your corner lamp in Sleep mode
  • Change color
  • Activate dynamic mode
  • Activate music mode


Hey Alexa & Google!

You can control the Xsarius RGB Corner lamp with speech! As soon as you have made the connection, you can now use Alexa or Google Assistant to turn lights on or off. You can also make them shine in different colors and dim them to specific light intensities.

  • Tell Alexa or Google to turn the light on or off in a specific room
  • Have Alexa or Google dim the light


input: 100-240V
output: 12V 1.5A