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The very popular and well-known Xsarius Q1 and Xsarius Q2 have been renewed! The Version 2 of the 4K UHD multi-media streamers have a beautiful new box.
The user menu has a sleek and modern renewed design and an infrared eye is now supplied with the multi-media streamers. These excellent 4K UHD OTT multi-media set-top boxes are powered by OS Android 7.1.
Experience the excellent screen and sound quality for all your favorite apps, movies, series and TV channels. Youtube, Google Play store, Netflix and many other apps are pre-installed by default. Thanks to the advanced video card, the image quality is very sharp with HDR and 4K @ 60 fps. Watch your favorite movie in smooth lines.
The receiver has an RCU with TV learning function, making watching TV even easier! The Xsarius Q1 and Q2 Version 2 are now available on our website!